Gen Y Napa Valley


Create a magazine for Napa’s next generation.


We decided that producing an example of a collaborative effort between teens and adult leaders would be the very best way to each express our individual interests, provide a model, and suggest continued collaboration. We want teens and adult leaders to look to each other, work together, and listen to one another to exchange ideas, to support, and continually rely on each other as our community continues to evolve in the strongest possible way.

Most of all, it is our hope that as teens that sec our magazine come away with the knowledge that there are adult leaders in the community that want to be resources and supporters in your personal achievements. If our project has failed to effectively express that to you, then know right now, we’re here and thereĀ are many more like us to do and be just that

Project Documents

class 18 – Gen Y Napa Valley OCR


John Stewart
Katie Somple
Dante Allen
Roberta Goodin
John Robertson
Toni Furino


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  1. Roberta Goodin October 22, 2012 at 5:48 pm #

    I truly enjoyed my Class XVIII practicum. Loved interviewing the kids who participated in the Poetry Slam at the Napa City-County Library, the subject of my article. Go LNV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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