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RES-Q Elderly & Youth Project

Vision How can we train as many people as possible in First Aid/CPR skills? Red Cross offers a very thorough training program which grants certification upon completion. What “vehicle”  will transport this program into our community? Our conclusion is that the most natural educational “vehicle” would be our school system … specifically ourhigh schools. Therein lies  Full Article…


A Vision for Napa’s Commercial Life in Year 2011

Vision Napa Valley’s Commercial Life in the Year 2011.  IF THE ECONOMIC WELL BEING OF NAPA WAS TO ENDURE AND PROSPER, WE ALL MUST FIND MORE WAYS OF KEEPING LOCAL DOLLARS FROM ERODING OUT OF THE COUNTY!  Why don’t Napan’s shop Napa? This is the question that local merchants are faced with daily. Our committee  Full Article…


Human Relations Commission: A Cultural Awareness Vision for the Future

Vision The Napa Human Relations Commission works to provide leadership and advocacy to secure, protect and promote human rights and responsibilites for all people. “A Human Relations Commission will enrich Napa. It will educate students about the benefits and opportunities of living in a multi-cultural community. ”  Jill Techel Description Provide the means to educate the  Full Article…