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Youth 2000 Childcare Issues

Vision To provide quality, affordable care for all children. Description Group created a report on single parent homes in Napa in context of national trends. Report includes: – list of causes for lack of affordable childcare as well as possible solutions – a working mother’s search guide for finding quality Childcare including a checklist for safety –  Full Article…


Job 2000 Task Force

Vision Jobs 2000, a symposium, will bring together various persons influencing, studying, or affecting employment to: 1- Predict the employment situation in the year 2000 in Napa Valley 2- Gain consensus on the best condition of employment 3- Identify existing and potential elements which aid or hinder those goals 4- Establish information sharing plans, relationships  Full Article…


Tourism in the Year 2000

Vision Using tourism to drive a successful downtown Napa. Description The group presented a written history of tourism initiative for downtown Napa from the 1960’s to the late 1980’s (when the report was written). It also included ideas for potential future initiatives to increase tourism to downtown Napa. The written report lists several major contributors  Full Article…