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Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition

Vision To create initial community awareness campaign for the Napa Valley Vine Trail. Description Objectives: – Create logo – Increase membership of Vine Trail – Establish an introductory Coalition database for future outreach and fundraising activities Activities – Develop and execute NV Vine Trail logo contest – Investigate and utilize social networking avenues to steer  Full Article…


Health Care

Vision Present an informational symposium to raise awareness and further understanding to the health care issues in the Napa Valley. A voice for different viewpoints Description Presented a Health Care Symposium called “You’re in Charge of your Health”. Video Presentations Project Documents class 16 – Health Care OCR class 16 – Health Care(2) OCR Participants  Full Article…


Authentic Leadership Workshop

Vision To create a leadership workshop for Authentic Leadership Description Authentic Leadership workshop was organized and held on March 8, 2002. The day was focused on fully expressing a person’s leadership skill. Video Presentation Project Documents class 13 – Authentic Leadership Conference OCR Participants Mark Van Gorder Amanda Mason Tim Borman Dave Dillabaugh Judy Johnson  Full Article…


TEDx Napa Valley

Vision Spread the social influence from local leaders to our community by hosting a TED event in Napa Valley. Description Hosted TED event September 10, 2011 at the Opera House, Napa Invited 5 speakers: Cecile Williams, Glide Memorial Church;Tim Jahnigen, One World Futbol; Ed Matovcik, Intervine; Mark Brener, American Canyon High School; Nicolette Hahn, Writer  Full Article…