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Housing Group/ Housing Trust Fund

Vision People who work in Napa can live in Napa Description Identify possible sources of revenue for affordable housing Identify feasibility for each source Provide recommendations Video Presentation Project Documents class 5 – Housing Trust Fund OCR Participants Catherine Briles Gene Waken Nadine Zeller Jill Johnson Lars Christensen James Rendleman


Housing in the Year 2000

Vision We believe that the Napa Valley can and should provide a balanced supply of housing for the residents and workers of all economic┬álevels in the year 2000. Description Group researched and wrote a report to determine the situation and challenge of housing in Napa Valley. Report includes research and data for housing throughout the  Full Article…


Growth Happens

Vision Educate community in layman’s terms how growth occurs. Description To give the community a clear picutre of how growth occurs by using examples such as the revitalization of downtown and publishing an essay or pamphlets to teach Napans about growth and the growing process. Video Presentation Project Documents class 13 – Growth Happens OCR  Full Article…